Publications and Talks

Peer Reviewed Papers:

  • F McGroarty, A Booth, E Gerding, VLR Chinthalapati. (2018) “High-frequency trading strategies, market fragility and price spikes: an agent-based model perspective” Annals of Operations Research pp. 1-28
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Academic Talks:

  • Ash Booth, Enrico Gerding and Frank McGroarty. “Intelligent Execution Adds Value to Fully Automated Trading Strategies” Talk at Forecast Financial Markets Conference, Hanover, Germany, 28-1 June (2013).
  • Charlotte Szostek and Ash Booth. “Applying the complexity toolbox to finance and economics: Can our knowledge gaps be filled by social scientists?” Talk at Complexity Science and Social Science at the Interface to the Real World Conference, Buckinghamshire, UK 24-25 Sept (2012).
  • Ash Booth, Enrico Gerding and Frank McGroarty. “Towards understanding the interactions of automated algorithmic trading systems” Talk at Student Conference on Complexity Science, Gloucestershire, UK 9-12 Aug (2012).
  • Ash Booth. “Automated algorithmic trading systems” Short talk at Dragons Den session, TradeTech, Excel, London, UK 24-26 April (2012).